Frequently asked questions

SafeShare uses many techniques to prevent reverse engineering (software cracking) because of this some anti-viruses may falsely detect our program as a virus. SafeShare only currently actively supports windows defender as Microsoft kindly white-list’s our software on there anti-virus.

SafeShare is a minecraft screenshare tool which uses advanced methods to prevent players from cheating on your network.

Safeshare supports both 32bit and 64bit CPU architecture as we realise some players may be playing on outdated technology. We also automatically detect your CPU architecture and run the correct version for your machine so you don’t need to worry about finding a compatible version.¬†

We collect only relevant information related to screen-sharing and the integrity and security of our systems. At no point will safeshare send your sensitive information to our servers. The only information we collect is a hardware ID which is unique to your machine in order to ban users when necessary, this hardware ID is not sensitive data. We only log IP addresses In the event someone performs malicious activity targeting our infrastructure in order to block any further traffic from that IP. Respecting your privacy is very important to us.

Our software was designed with simplicity in mind. To use our software you simply run the file which will give you access to a range of tools and programs. Accessing the premium tools on our software is also easy as our customers simply type a command into our discord server which will then give them an authentication code which they will enter into the tool. These codes expire every 60 seconds ensuring maximum security. For more information on how our systems work watch this video.

Applications indexer is a program which uses advanced techniques to recover data on ran and shift deleted files along with many other things. This program was developed with the full knowledge that users may attempt to bypass it however no one has managed to achieve this.